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Mix Rose Corsage
HK$ 78 BD2101
Mix Pink Rose and Pink Hydrangea
HK$ 880 BD2102
Blue Hydrangea, Rose and Gypsophila
HK$ 580 BD2103
Pink Hydrangea and Rose
HK$ 880 BD2104
30 stems Red Rose Flower Bouquet
HK$ 1500 BQ1501
Pink Rose, Purple Eustoma and Purple Gypsophila Flower Bouquet
HK$ 580 BQ2201
Pink Rose and Pink Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
HK$ 780 BQ2303
Blue Rose Flower Bouquet
HK$ 880 BQ2305
Blue Hydrangea, Purple and Pink Rose Flower Bouquet
HK$ 800 BQ2306


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