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‘iFlorist’ is a continued dream, which has been being woven for 20 years ……

20 years ago, a few of wheelchair girls used their unlimited energy to open the first flower shop which was solely operated by people with disability.

20 years later, two leaders of the girls, Carrie Lai & Rebecca Lai, have been improving themselves by studying and reviewing their performance in competitions. Their untiring efforts revive the flower shop, and it resumes weaving their dream.

It is to build a happy enterprise with strong enthusiasm.

The happy enterprise is built by love.
Flower shop is fundamentally a business of blessing and caring, the people with disabilities desire to participate in it.
While people who have a sound strong body can succeed in flower business, the people with disabilities also have the same successful factors.

iFlorist strongly believes that if other people can do something, the people with disabilities can do it too.
We are greatly assured that by using a creative internet platform for our online-business, we can reduce the geographical limit and fully utilize the central office to promote, receive orders, and distribute the materials, so that we can lower the cost and try to bring the business to everywhere.

The concept of iFlorist is not only to be a creative social enterprise, but also to be a happy enterprise. iFlorist has a strong will that a happy enterprise is the best one. A happy company will always let its staff working happily, sharing the common wealth, improving together, and being respected by others. In addition, to be a happy company, it should run a health and non-stop business.

iFlorist  pursues the maximization of fortune rather than maximization of profit!

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